Taking a Look At Local, Seasonal Foods

This spring it’s time to explore taking advantage of the delicious seasonal produce at your local markets. With SO MANY great options out there, eating local produce, rather than going through third parties such as major grocery stores, can have a big impact on both your health, and your community.
Some of our favorite places to visit, local mom-and-pop groceries and farmers markets, are great places to get only the freshest produce direct from local farmers.
There’s a definite difference in taste and freshness buying locally because local produce skips all the added preservatives that keep long haul produce from going bad. You’re dodging all the added chemicals in favor of the pure nutritious deliciousness that clean, natural crops can provide.
Buying locally helps build your regional community too! You are helping cut down on energy costs, helping the environment, and taking positive steps toward regional food self-reliance. These are just a few of the more thought provoking reasons that becoming more aware of seasonal produce can be meaningful to you and your community.
Beyond these more profound reasons, I had a chance to learn directly from some of our favorite local vendors that spring seasonal produce is great to experiment with in the kitchen and try new recipes as well!
When going to the market try to limit yourself, so you don’t over do it with all the new produce. It can get overwhelming finding local foods you didn’t realize grew in your area, so I advise shopping with a list to guide you along the way.
Keep in mind there’s more than produce on sale at Farmers Markets as well. Many have great spices, herbs, wines, or flowers to pair with your upcoming week’s meals.
We stopped by our local mom-and-pop market, Harvest Grocery + Supply in Richmond, VA, to see what produce they are craving this season.
Harvest’s store manager, Joshua Coleman highlighted some of his favorite vegetables at the moment: asparagus and radishes. And as a bonus, he jotted down his favorite way to prepare asparagus when he’s cooking at home ...
Harvest Grocery + Supply was envisioned by Hunter Hopcroft when he was living in Los Angeles, California. Hopcroft stumbled upon a local market that got him wanting to bring this type of community market gem back to his hometown of Richmond, VA. Hopcroft left his finance job at a Fortune 500 company and hasn’t looked back since.
The inventory at the market changes with the seasons, and currently features a wide variety of local produce that comes to them directly from the source; such as pineapples, arugula, sugar snap peas, artichokes, broccoli, fennel, chives, and other great spring finds.
They also offer unique home starter kits for growing tomatoes, basil, peppers and more if you’re ready to experience the satisfaction of picking the food you eat from your very own garden.
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Article by Megan Monticone
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