Nudge Guide to Surviving Super Bowl Sunday

Article by Megan Monticone
Whether you’re a Giants fan, Patriots fan, or just love to watch a good game of football, we’re all fans of the Super Bowl and the party food that comes with it. How much do we love the Super Bowl? Well, if you went to Vegas, you could place a bet on the total television viewership of this year’s game – the Over/Under is currently at 113 million. How much to we love the party food? Where would the odds-makers set the Over/Under on unhealthy snacks consumed at your get-together?
Super Bowl Sunday is a notorious time for family and friends to come together and stuff their faces with foods you typically wouldn’t normally eat. Even though we see it coming, we can’t always help ourselves from staying away from the pizza, and beer so tradition lives on.
To help compete with this tradition, Nudge’s own health expert Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, has created 7 simple rules for how you can still enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday without feeling guilty for over indulging.
  1. Plan to exercise in the morning getting in a good workout or even a brisk walk will rev up your “engines" for greater caloric expenditure.
  2. Have a healthy mid-morning snack like a greek yogurt, or cup of cottage cheese. Don’t “save up" your calories. You want to go to the party in a state of nutritional equilibrium, not a caloric deficit.
  3. Use a small snack plate for better portion control and limit your return trips. Plan to have one during the first half and one during the second half.
  4. Avoid cheeses and sauce dips each tablespoon is most likely 50 or more calories of not-so-healthy-nacho cheese.
  5. Choose snacks higher in protein such as chicken wings, shrimp and lean meat. (Make sure to rub off the sauce and take off the skin!
  6. Avoid the chips and hit the vegetable tray instead! Dip lightly or not at all so you can taste the vegetables.
  7. Choose whole grain buns and limit the number. If you can go without, do it.

Dr. Steve’s Super Bowl eating tips were also featured by Healthy & Fit Magazine and The Active Times.
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