Meet Nudge Ambassador: Sabina Lindley

Full Time Mom | Jawbone Up24 User | Swiss Native
Current Nudge Score: 95
Sabina is a full time Mom who’s been tracking her health with Nudge for more than 6 months. She’s a Swiss native and loves all things outdoors. You can catch her trail running in the woods during the warmer months, but in the winter she finds her joy with snowboarding. We caught up with Sabina to see how she got into snowboarding, how her Jawbone Up24 has been keeping up with her, and what its like to be a Mom on the mountain.

M: Sabina, when did you pick up snowboarding?
S: Growing up in Switzerland I started to snowboard in 1993. Before then I was skiing for several years, but never really liked it. At that time carving was unheard of and the long, narrow skis just never excited me. I was a good skier but more out of necessity as my whole family were skiers. So when I was 14 I tried a few days with an instructor and after falling over endlessly I got my first turns in and never looked back. I still skied but once the soft snowboard boots where more readily available I completely switched. For me, snowboarding is more comfortable and fun on the slopes. I sometimes think I should try carving skis but I don’t want to miss out on snowboarding, even just for a few hours.
M: Do you encourage others to try it out?
S: Yes! I think it’s easier to learn the basics of snowboarding, so you can get down a mountain earlier than with skis. But I would encourage people to learn to ski first, to get a better understanding of the mountain, snow type, edges, balance ect.
M: Do you feel like your Jawbone UP24 collects your data well while snowboarding?
S: It does. As us snowboarders still walk quite a bit (to the lift, off the lift, on uphill bits, straight bits…) there are steps to be done. Also, during snowboarding it does count steps, as the arm and legs are moving.
M: Do your kids snowboard or ski?
S: My daughter skis. She’s turning 4 next week and has already done 2 seasons on a nursery slope. She can try snowboarding once she can ski, if she fancies. We think it’s better to get a sense of the snow, balance on skis etc. first. Also getting off chairlifts and staying on draglifts is much easier on skis. My son is turning 2 in May, so next winter will be his first year on skis. Let’s hope he likes it as much as his sister!
M: When was the last time you've been?
S: We went for a week over New Year but as we now have 2 kids I’m not doing as much snowboarding as I used to, we call it a snow/ winter holiday rather than a skiing/ snowboarding holiday at the moment. We are off for another week later this season and I hope I get some more runs in. Luckily my husband also loves the mountains and it’s always been our most precious holiday so we try to go as often as we can.
M: You mentioned competing with your husband, do you do this on the mountain while snowboarding? Or purely in everyday life like with your Nudge Score?
S: Mainly in everyday life with the Nudge Score. We both have the Jawbone UP 24 and check each other’s progress throughout the day. We also both do running and keeping an eye on each other’s runs (as one looks after the kids in the evening, the other one can go for a run) so we don’t physically run together but often do the same route and see who’s quicker (it’s usually him). He’s a skier and I am snowboarding but we still see who goes faster, further, longer…
Article by Megan Monticone

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