Meet Nudge Ambassador: Nicole McKinney

Health Enthusiast | Nike Fuelband User | Washington, DC
Current Nudge Score: 104
Nicole McKinney is an adventurous fitness fanatic who calls the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, D.C. home. She’s the type of person who’s always up for the challenge and pushes herself by setting fitness goals to accomplish. Nicole has been tracking her fitness since 2011 beginning, perhaps surprisingly, by journaling her routines in Evernote. Since then she’s been hooked, and lucky for her, fitness tracking tech has come a long way since ‘11.
Nowadays Nicole is using her Nike Fuelband (if only it could sync with Nudge…spoiler alert?) to track herself and believes it is “great at giving you a snapshot" of yourself. The only time she takes her Fuelband off is every few days to charge then it is right back on. She chose Nike’s wearable over other fitness tracking devices because she enjoys anything with a gamifaction to it. Anything where she can earn a High Score or get on a streak, and she’s all in!
Speaking of high scores, Nicole’ current Nudge score is at a ridiculous 104, and that’s even with her score recently dropping a point due to a week of travel. My point, she takes this stuff pretty seriously.
Waking up for a yoga class before the break of dawn, high fiving after a long game of basketball, or committing to run your first marathon with a friend With all this exercise, it’s really too bad all that Fuelband data doesn’t automatically appear in her Nudge app…
Nicole understands the power of a little mutual accountability and knows if you can commit to get active with you, you’re much more likely to keep at it, and so that’s exactly what she tries to do. She even recently “dragged" (her word) her fiancé to check out the flying trapeze. And I don’t mean just to watch…

She fell instantly in love with it. And as it turns out, the Trapeze School of New York, is right in her neighborhood!
In order to take her love for social fitness to the next level, Nicole also just became certified in Group Exercise and is looking forward to teaching Pilates.
Quick Tangent / Announcement
It’s clear from all of this that Nicole absolutely loves a good challenge - so this might even work against us in her case. But for everyone else, we’re excited to announce that we are gearing up to launch a new integration with Nike+ allowing users like Nicole to automatically sync data from her Nike products (like Nike+, Fuelband, or one of their watches) into Nudge.
Here are a few of the newly integrated tracking platforms coming to Nudge in our March app update:

Article by Megan Monticone

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