Meet Nudge Ambassador: Chris Mason

Cycling Advocate | Strava User | Hampshire, UK
Current Nudge Score: 86
Chris was introduced to cycling at a young age. His father had been a proper club cyclist in the United Kingdom (Southampton Wheelers). Yet, like most things in life, sometimes we fall out of a routine, because we have too much going on. Chris didn’t get back into cycling until his late 40’s when he realized he needed to start taking better care of himself.
“Cycling was the obvious choice." He started off with a Reebok exercise bike, and once he shed a decent amount of weight, he started commuting and taking leisurely rides on a mountain bike.
Then in 2011, Chris bought his first road bike, a Specialized Allez and things took off from here.
He promised himself that if by the second year of cycling he surpassed 2000 miles, he’d buy himself a new bike. By the end of that year, Chris beat his goal and clocked in 2600 miles. He celebrated by buying himself a carbon fiber Giant Defy.
Chris Giant Mountain bike he calls the “Silver Machine"
Chris primarily rides for recreation for himself. He explained this by quoting a famous prose poem by Max Ehrmann called, Desiderata, "if you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself". He has a 4.5-mile commute to work but said it can “easily turn into a 10 to 20 mile jaunt through the countryside or along the coast." Chris uses Nudge purely for his benefit of tracking his health. He’d rather focus on his improvements rather than where others are.
For those that haven’t been practicing your geography lately, Hampshire is located on the South Coast of England. Strava cyclists may recognize this lush green landscape from its iconic bike inspired cycling route.
Article by Megan Monticone

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