Meditation - How And Why To Get Started

Have you ever seen a brain scan of someone who has an anxiety disorder? It’s lit up all over the place, and moving full speed, pretty much all the time! You can literally see why it’s extremely unhealthy to maintain this mindset.
It puts a lot of pressure on your brain function, decreases your attention span, makes you lose sleep, and adds an unnecessary amount of stress into your life.
Researchers have known for decades that meditation can help alleviate these mental stressors. But only in recent years, have neuroscientists started to take a serious look at the changes of brain structure that result from meditative practice.
Mediation is proven to rewire our neuro circuits so we’re using our brain more efficiently. It’s also proven that meditating strengthens our memory dramatically!
Getting into meditating can be intimidating, but essential to decreasing unnecessary amounts of health risks. We have so much going on in our heads; it can even seem impossible to shut it all out, but we need to learn to empty our thoughts.
Start Simple
Don’t look to over complicate the process or judge whether you’re doing it “right." There is no right or wrong way to start meditating, so long as your initial focus is simply to limit as many potential distractions as possible.
Start off with a reasonable goal, like two minutes at a time. Meditate wherever you feel most comfortable. I’m most comfortable outside, preferably in the sun. This is the place where I can let my mind slip into sub-consciousness, but it isn’t necessarily the perfect place for everyone.
Try out different places, and when you find your perfect place, stick with it until you get comfortable with trying it somewhere else.
There are several different ways to start meditating. Some people advise setting a timer, but personally I find even that to be distracting because my tendency is to think about the timer, rather than relaxing my mind.
You can also concentrate on one very specific object, like a wall fixture, brick on the side of a building, or tree off in the distance. Concentrating on your breathing is also a great transition into emptying your mind and getting into a solid meditative state.
Remember, this doesn’t necessarily have to be all about getting quiet and having no thoughts at all. It’s about going on a journey and appreciating your life. Give it a try and I hope you find it as beneficial as I have.
Let us know what meditation has done for you – and while you’re at it, check out the Stress Less club in the Nudge App to get more helpful tips and share your meditation advice with others!
Article by Megan Monticone
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