Keep Stress in Check at Work

Stress in the workplace is inevitable, but there are helpful ways for us to approach it when it present’s itself.
But before you even address your stress, you need to be able to recognize the triggers that bring it on. It could be a role conflict, too much ambiguity, work overload, or time pressure, just to name off a few. But once you can identify what’s stressing you out, you can then move on to figuring out ways to cope.
A great starting point is to write everything down. You should be writing down projects, assignments, due dates, daily tasks, or random ideas. It’s a good idea to have it somewhere you can reflect back on or refer to as a guide. Keep these lists organized and short too, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. If you don’t want to carry around a small notepad or scheduler, I highly recommend using your smartphone.
Don’t let mountains of paperwork clutter your workspace. It’ll help make life lighter and easier to navigate if you keep things neat and simple.
Know who’s your office support system and ask questions whenever they arise. We all want the same end goal to succeed at our jobs so don’t ever be afraid of asking a question.
Make sure to take breaks! Working diligently for 8 hours is hard on your metal and physical state. Get up from wherever your working and take a quick walk, eat a snack, or sit outside for 15min.
You also need to remember to slow down. I’m extremely guilty of running on pure adrenalin at times. I’m constantly jumping from one project to the next and trying to accomplish an unreasonable amount of work. It’s good to remember we’re only human and we can only accomplish a certain amount in a workday. Plus, there’s always tomorrow to do the rest.
If you need an extra boost of help to keep your mood and energy on the level, here’s a great playlist from Spotify to listen to while at work!

Article by Megan Monticone

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