How Nudge Answers Dr. Steve's Questions (From the Nudge Coach Blog) #1

Be sure to check out the Nudge Coach Blog for Dr. Steve’s post on The Need For Technology To Enhance Client Adherence. At the close of that article Dr. Steve provided us with something great - A list of 12 questions a health coach can ask themselves when looking for tools that can help enhance client adherence, and make it easier on individuals to share their lifestyle data with health professionals. This could be tools for individuals to use or tools for health coaches, trainers, or other health professionals. This list seems like a fantastic opportunity to put our products through the ringer and see how well we can answer these questions with Nudge, our free app for iOS and Android. Here’s the answer to Steve’s first question...
1. Is data safe in this tool?
Data security is always important, and if you’re a health professional, you certainly wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where your clients feel uncomfortable with how their information is being used or stored. I predict this issue will only become more important to keep in mind as consumer awareness of data privacy issues continues to grow.
Nudge is going to score some serious points here. Yes, your individual health tracking data and personal information are safe and secure on Nudge (and Nudge Coach if you’re working with a health professional). One thing you may notice about the Nudge App is that any type of social sharing, even when it comes to sharing a datapoint as broad and big picture as the Nudge Factor, is done COMPLETELY ON AN OPT-IN BASIS. Is there one exception? Why yes, exactly one exception, that you should know about. If you manage to have one of the 10 highest scores on the entire Nudge system (whole lot of people in there), then you will appear on a leaderboard in the app. We feel that you’ve earned the recognition at this point, and have shown by your dedicated usage that we can show your amazing achievement. If you ever appear on the top 10 leaderboard and would not like your score to be known for any reason, just send us an email to and we’ll take care of it for you ASAP.
So if our free, consumer-facing app has this level of consideration put into security, then you know the same attention, if not more, has been incorporated into a product we market to health professionals. If you aren’t working with a fitness trainer, health coach or other health professional through the Nudge App, then this won’t apply to you, but it’s nice to know we have your back either way. Nudge Coach (and also the Nudge app for that matter) make up an ecosystem that is HIPAA-compliant from bottom to top. This means we take care to adhere to restrictions that others don’t, and you can feel good about the security of our systems that we’ve developed in partnership with our hosting providers at Firehost (thanks guys). There simply aren’t many health tracking tools out there that pay this kind of mind to your data security, and that’s something that we’re proud to be able to offer. HIPAA-compliance is just the icing on the cake.
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