Get Outside! Outdoor Adventure and Better Health Await

Spring has finally sprung here in our neck of the woods and the warmth and sunshine are simply begging us to get outside and be active!
Just getting out the door can be great for your social and physical well-being and with that in mind, I took it upon myself this week to put together a quick list of ways to get out and take advantage of the perfect weather …
Go and enjoy your community parks! Have a picnic with loved ones and enjoy seasonal local food. Feel the sun on your face and listen to the birds sing! Fly a kite while you’re there! It attracts interesting people to socialize with and get’s you moving!
Walk your dog or volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter. Animal shelters always looking for people to help out and it helps the dogs become more trusting of new people.
Check out a new local hot spot with friends or family. There’s always some new food truck people are raving about or a top chef opening a new restaurant. Go treat your taste buds, and while you’re out why not burn off the extra calories on the dance floor?
Check out the new plant life. Plants are popping up everywhere right now and there worth taking a couple minutes to appreciate. Consider planting something of your own in your backyard, or add some life to the inside of your home! Having plants around you is proven to improve your concentration and reduce stress.
Ride a bike versus driving your car. We miss out on so much within our cars and taking a break from it can be truly refreshing. Most major cities offer bike-share programs for less than $10 a single day, or at extremely affordable longer-term membership rates. If you’re looking to really commit, check out your local bike shop, or Craigslist for a second hand treasure.
Join an intramural sports team! There are tons of softball, basketball, and kickball leagues popping up right now and it’s also a great way to meet new people. Maybe even try putting a company team together to build extra camaraderie in the workplace.
Lastly, take advantage of your National Parks! Most national parks offer free or small donations to use their facilities, from hiking to camping, and more. It’s a great way to enjoy the fresh air, challenge yourself, exercise, cope with stress, and overall improve your mood!
Check out the Outdoor Adventure club in the Nudge App for even more outdoor activities to try out!
Article by Megan Monticone
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