Find a Health Coach – Paul Michaels And His LifehackrDiet

Let’s start off by saying, Paul Michaels is not your average health coach. Paul doesn’t believe in dieting or hitting the gym religiously. He believes in the power of observation and making small sustainable tweaks to lifestyles for real, lasting change.
Paul’s Story - Foundations of a “Lifehacker"
Paul grew up being someone who loves to take things apart and put them back together. You can see this with his coaching techniques and approach to life. Growing up, his incessant curiosity and analytical nature made him a constant tinkerer, ready to fix whatever was broken, or just take things apart to see how they work. This curiosity eventually led to extensive experimentation with photography in grade school.
By the age of nineteen, he became a fashion photographer for top editorial magazines and was hungry to experiment some more. He eventually went over to film, continuing to push boundaries and question the norm.
Flash Forward - The “Aha Moment"
It wasn’t until Paul’s nest began emptying, with his kids going off to college and him working from home that he realized he hadn’t been taking care of himself. Paul was thirty pounds overweight and paying a gym membership only to consistently find reasons to avoid it. He finally decided enough was enough and applied his unusual thinking tactics to his own personal life.
In six months, Paul was able to shed those thirty pounds and walk a thousand miles by making only tiny changes to his lifestyle. He analyzed his days spent and capitalized on small opportunities for improvement, which ultimately turned into healthy habits.
This experimental thinking and consistent success with his own health eventually made him want to help others achieve their own top well-being as well.
From Helping Himself To Helping Others
When it comes to a health coach’s point of view, Paul abides by an inherent set of core beliefs. “I think diets are too restrictive which inevitably leads people to fall back into their usual habits," he told me in a recent podcast interview. “Dieting extremes are not truly healthy for your mental or physical states, and don’t produce long-term benefits."
He believes in recording everything from what you eat to your weight, so clients can better visualize what they’re putting in their bodies. We don’t always realize what we’re consuming and this approach lays it all out there.
Here are some more tips Paul shared during our chat:
After strategizing a weeklong analysis of client habits, he highly recommends incorporating a fitness tracker because we often miss things. This helps instructors like him see where his coaching can best be applied, e.g. while watching a television show someone can be doing crunches, squats, stretching, weight lifting, etc.
Another suggestion is taking the long route to the bathroom when you’re at work, school, or even out with friends. Being able to track your habits and see the opportunities for adjustments is crucial!
There are two overriding challenges Paul says he faces when getting started with his clients, preparing them to be okay with failure, and preparing them to be accepting of change. “Once they address these fears, there is only room for improvement."
Paul isn’t telling his clients to make extreme changes like hitting the gym every day or purely eating leafy greens. He wants them to understand and embrace their reality, so that they can honestly address and follow-through with the simple and sustainable changes he calls for. The payoff is a lifetime of health and happiness.
You can start working with Paul Michaels today to achieve your weight loss goals and fit better health into your busy lifestyle through the Nudge App. Just download the app, and tap on the “Coach" Tab, and then “Find a Coach". Pick “Coach Paul" and start your 7-day trial today.
You can also learn more about Paul, and other ways to work with him at his website,

Article by Megan Monticone
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