3 Unbeatable Serving Size Guides

You know that guy that you hang out with at trivia night...but pretty much nowhere else. The guy who knows only the useless information that kills at trivia night but is otherwise useless in everyday life. Well, I think I have some useless information trapped in my head as well, and here it is:

"One serving of strawberries equals 152 grams of strawberries."

That fun fact gets me nowhere in my day-to-day. Because I don't know what the heck 152 grams of strawberries looks like. I do know what a baseball looks like though. I can even grab a handful of strawberries and get a sense of whether I'm holding a baseball-size amount in no time. Visual cues like the baseball bring can provide a practical and actionable twist to an otherwise impossibly complicated subject like nutrition. Here are three infographics that I use to understand serving sizes in everyday life.

The Hand Guide


This guide from Guard Your Health is quite possibly our favorite of all. Not only does it provide visual cues that I can understand for several different types of food, but those cues are with me everywhere I go! I've lost a lot of things in my day, but I've still managed to avoid misplacing a hand. Kudos Guard your health. You deserve a fist-bump, thumbs-up, and a high five.

Good Old Everyday Items


Although they don't come with the added convenience of being attached to your body (see above), using these everyday items as visual cues can be just as helpful. No matter my B.A.C., I can always ballpark the size of a baseball (see what I did there?). I also enjoy this particular infographic because of how awesomely dated it is (first of its kind?). iPod Classic was a game-changer, people.

The Pocket-Size Servings Guide


Finally, this guide from General Mills affiliated site Live Better America brings convenience to a whole new level. While it's clean layout is easy to digest, the real kicker is that it comes with folding instructions (a guide within a guide) that help you fold it down to the perfect pocket-size (pocket portion?). I hope you find these as useful as I do, whether you use them as helpful Nudge tips, or just for understanding servings in everyday life.

Any tricks you use to help you regulate your portions? Let us know!

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